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Lac Sante is Bear Country

Did you know that Lac Sante is Bear country? They have been wandering in and out of the subdivisions throughout the early spring while few people are around.  They leave to the bushes for the summer while people are around, but will return to the subdivisions in the fall to take advantage of the berries. Before Fish and Wildlife would consider setting traps for nuisance bears, all attractants would have to be removed (garbage, bird feeders, pet food, compost etc.). They wait to see if a bear goes back to its routine or continues to be a problem.

Fish and wildlife officers say it is a 2:1 ratio, for every day the bear was rewarded by eating food, he will return two more times to see if there is any more food. If he is not rewarded in subsequent visits, then he will go back to his regular routine.

There will always be bears in our area. They are territorial animals and if one is removed another will immediately fill its spot in the bush. The secret is making sure that the bears close to TBTA property are not causing any problems and they in turn will prevent other bears from wandering in.

So far, the bears seem to stick to the beach and the bush near the lake. Please beware and report any sightings to the Park Managers.

These photos of this bear were taken near the north end of Lac Sante on May 19, 2017. He was helping himself to a bird feeder full of seeds.

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